Monsters under my bed – Stranger #indierock

Zespół: Monsters under my bed

Gatunek: Indie Rock

Lokalizacja: Kraków

Solution what we have found
To help oursefls and find our mind
It change your life and makes it easier
Hope you will never regret
We are in unknown space
Where you feels good and right
I try to turn up in lonely life
But it is too hard
I think You want to become a stranger
But still touch my hand
And stlii kiss my neck

Give it a few more days and
You wont recognize it
What was between us
What showed how to fly
Couse now we are falling
falling down

I realy love you but i cant live like that
I need to go forward and dont look back
I heve to know my worth, finaly reveal the mirror
And maby some day someone
Will teach me how to rise up and fly

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